Freedom of speech

The freedom of speech is a basic human right, which is even included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It means the right to say anything by using any and all words and phrases one desires with no exceptions. That is the ‘definition’ of this human right, as assumed by most people. However, can all words be said, including those that might be understood in a wrong way, and if there are such expressions does everyone get offended when these words are used?

Universities in the USA have started to use speech codes, which include and prohibit every term that might be abhorrent or interpreted in an offensive way. Not only swear words, but also expressions used for people with a dark skin colour, a different religion, sexuality or transgender people are included. The problem is that there cannot be a general list of words that may be inappropriate, as each individual person has a different perception of what actually is upsetting and what is not.

This can be seen in a video clip, where students on a campus are interviewed and asked their interpretation of what is offensive. They are given words that are included in the speech codes and they have to react on whether they think a certain word should be on the list or not. There is no explicit outcome, as each of them had a different opinion and reaction.

In general, I find it to be difficult to define “freedom of speech” as a whole, as it can be interpreted in so many various ways. As long as people are not severely offended or hurt emotionally people should, in my opinion, be allowed to use any kind of terms that they want.




My bucket list before 2020

  • Get a two in maths (I absolutely hate this subject, but I am really tryíng to improve)
  • Make the best Matura prank ever made
  • Get a splendid success (ausgezeichneter Erfolg in german)
  • Speak French fluently

My three best texts


1. Final essay:

That text was the final essay we had to write for this semester, the last essay before the big FCE exam. I really tried to show that everything we learned about writing an essay in this year and include many interesting vocabulary. In my opinion I succeeded!


2. My chapter of the “Lost in the Woods” story:

That was my part of the different themed stories our class had to write in groups. I put a lot of effort and time in it and in my opinion it is a great story, though I may have exagerated with the length 😉


3. Studentchallenge (Picture-story)

Some may thing that that post is just a little part, considering longer texts I have written before, but I really enjoyed writing this. I tried to create suspense, even with the word limit and I think I managed to write a wonderful introduction for a text.

Final essay: Should governments discourage oversea tourists from visiting?

Airplanes, cars and ships all cause pollution. However the demand for traveling is steadily increasing, people travel far more and for longer distances, overseas often. Though tourism is booming, the environmental effects worry the governments, who ask themselves: Should oversea tourists be discouraged to visit our country?

The main reason leading to all the comprehensible concerns are of course the exhaust gases, coming from means of transport. These affect the environment in a rather negative way, causing climatic changes. Yet travelling is not a major influencer in global warming, which is mainly happening due to factory gas emissions.

Moreover, the economic advantages are over whelming. The travel industry is thriving, travel agencies making great profit and cities becoming well known and wealthy as a result of tourists visiting.

Furthermore, the interaction between oversea countries is better than ever. The exchange rate of people from one country visiting another one is quite equilibrated, so both national governments do profit.

Therefore, the discouragement of oversea tourists would be a fatal decision, only leading to negative effects.


For the challenge “Footprints”, I decided to google myself, to find out more about all the traces I once left on the web.

I expected to find an article or website with my name or a photo of me immediately, but I had to scroll rather long to identify my real name, written correctly and not with a false first- or surname. The link actually lead me to our school homepage for which I had written an article about me and my class going to the government in our city, last year. There were also some photos linked, but on none, you could really identify me.

Other than that, I did not find anything about me. I have to say I am relieved, as being once findable in the web means that I will forever be visible to the whole world.

3. Test: Carpe Diem

„Carpe Diem“, that is the famous Latin phrase everybody knows, but nobody really understands. Some agree with the statement, others do not. Is it really the best way to live life?

The explanation of the phrase may differ depending on who explains it, the general point is, though: live for today and do not think about tomorrow, as the day will go its own way. It seems as if “Carpe Diem” resolves all problems, which may appear during daily life, however you should not always trust a simple phrase.

Consequences, which may arise when being influenced too much by this principle, can sometimes be fatal. Forgetting about a crucial meeting could cost you your job or not remembering your wife’s birthday could lead to discussions. However, these sort of circumstances can be avoided by simply looking in the calendar, or by just in general thinking about the next day before it starts.

Furthermore, one can have great fun, such as doing activities with friends or family to be happy, and still think at the same time about whatever they have to complete tomorrow.

In conclusion I can say, that for some people, who are very spontaneous, living life the way “Carpe Diem” says may work out, yet in general it will only lead to unnecessary bad things happening, which could be avoided.

New York City impressions (written by my mum)

My New York impressions or: What makes NYC unique?
Skyscrapers, people, movement, taxi cabs and subway, street vendors, restaurants and Starbucks, traffic noise, the sound of horns and sirens…and the marvelous Central Park. That ́s New York perceived in 10 days or
the essential of what makes NYC becoming so unique to people who decide to love or hate it.
Too much of everything – extraordinary buildings that pierce the sky,
overcrowded sidewalks with people talking on their cell phones and drinking a Starbucks coffee, all desperate to hurry from somewhere to nowhere, streets with a constant flood of vehicles pushing each other to accelerate the rhythm, the scent of food sold by street venders or numerous restaurants, and yes, the yellow cabs everywhere as the overall symbol of NYC ́s uniqueness.
Historic monuments, attractions and apparently famous places embedded in a structured street network which makes it easy for both tourists and city residents coming from all over the world to follow cosmopolite paths in a jungle of anonymous individuals representing a
fascinating melting pot.
And for ten days I am part of this metropolis following – consciously and
unconsciously – the stream of NYC…

All young people who have the oppurtunity should study in a foreign school or college for a year. Do you agree?

More and more students choose to study in a foreign school for a year. The improvement of language skills plays an important role in this decision. In my point of view a year abroad can be only profitable.

Living in a foreign country, where obviously your mother language is not spoken, forces to speak the local language. By that, many new vocabularies are learnt and the expression is improved, in general the whole language skills progress.

Not only the language but also the self-sufficiency advances. The students are on their own, no parents to help out are in the vicinity, decisions must be taken alone. Surely beneficial, to learn how to arrange all by yourself, for later life.

Also students meet many new people and make new friends. Maybe these contacts will too help in the future.

In conclusion studying abroad is, in my opinion, a good way to learn many new things and make experiences.


Is it better to live alone or with someone else?

Studying costs much, the food, the study fee and most important the living. Especially in central university cities such as Vienna and London, the apartment prices are extremely high. Because of that, many students choose to live in a shared flat with one or more people. In my opinion, the best decision one can make.

To be dependent from one another is definitely not a counter argument, as the young adults do not have to do everything in common. Each goes their own way if they want to and only encounter at home to eat, talk, watch movies and sleep, be that in separate rooms.

Though still a dorm room, living room and bathroom is provided, which is far enough for a student, the monthly rent is reduced. Studying costs much itself, saving money is only profitable.

Living alone can be annoying, with other people though you can talk, laugh, exchange over news and do activities together. Even a security service is provided indirectly, as living alone can also be dangerous.

Altogether, a shared flat has so many advantages it is only profitable.


Is it better to watch films at the cinema or at home?

The newest film came to the cinemas recently; the DVD to this film will though only appear in a couple of weeks. The question now is, whether to go to the movie theatre or wait until the film appears in stores. Many people have asked themselves this and I personally am of the opinion that going to the cinema is far more amusing than watching a film at home in front of the television.

The sound and quality of the picture are surely better provided in the cinema, nobody has such a large screen or loudspeakers at home. Definitely, the equipment to provide the quality equal as in the cinema for your place would cost far more than the cinema entry fee, which leads me to the next point.

Dependent on the film, the price is between eight and twelve euros, which may seem much at first but if you think about all the services you get in the movie theatre, the cost can be relativized. The cinema hall is clean, there is a toilet and restaurants or at least snacks are provided.

A cinema is a place of entertainment, where one can go with their friends and family. The space is sufficient and needs provided. The fun factor is much higher than sitting at home alone in front of the television.

In conclusion I think that watching a film in cinema is the much better choice, the service, food and entertainment is present.